The Gay Ole Opry

The Dragnificent Variety show returns with a visit out to the country!

The Dragnificent Variety Show is back with The Gay Ole Opry! Join us for an evening of original skits, production numbers, cocktails, friends and more as we hit the Evergreen stage. A little twang never hurt. So saddle up, get your boots on, and ride on into town for Dragnificent!
Benefiting Choices.

Show Dates
July 29,30, 31 & August 4,5,6

Evergreen Theatre
1705 Poplar Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104

Cocktails: 7:00 pm
Curtain: 8:00 pm, 2:00 pm July 31


The proceeds from “The Dragnificent Variety Show” will benefit Choices Memphis.



Brenda Newport
Burton Bridges
Diane Thornton
Fantasia Bordeaux
Greg Hammond
Greg Hollis
Jane Parks
Camille Collins
Goldie Dee
Phillys Feathers
Sandy Kozik
Will Ryder
Allysun Wunderland

Written and Directed by Friends of George’s