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About FOG

Writers, Creators, Producers of original theatrical work.

Friends of George’s was originally founded in 2010 to produce a reunion for a historic Memphis drag bar known as George’s Disco. The original George’s Disco opened in 1969 on Madison St. in midtown Memphis. It went through various incarnations before finally closing its doors in the late 1980’s

Creators, writers, & producers of original drag comedy entertainment for the LGBT community and its friends and a resident company of Evergreen Theatre

We also recognized the LGBTQ community’s growing need for events and activities outside of bars and nightclubs, so we decided to continue providing new entertainment alternatives with a focus on quality stage productions in the tradition of George’s Disco a.k.a. “The Showplace of the South”.

George’s Reunion brought over 1200 people together to celebrate this iconic Memphis place. In doing so, its organizers decided to forge ahead to continue creating entertaining events and shows.

Community Service

George’s Disco, in its time, was among the few places LGBTQ people (and friends) could go and feel safe to be themselves. It’s owner, George Wilson, made sure the club was open even on holidays so people would have a place to go if they were not welcome at home. 

It was, in effect, one of the first “community centers.” As we began our journey as an organization, it was first and foremost that any event we produced would somehow benefit the community in some fashion. We applied for and were awarded a 501(c)(3) non-profit status and we donate the proceeds from all our shows to another non-profit. 

The Showplace of the South

We are continually seeking new opportunities to expand our audience, and better serve the community that supports us.

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