The Dragnificent 70’s

The Dragnificent 70’s


Coming soon in a far out way, it’s The Dragnificent 70’s!

Get your dancing shoes ready and join Friends of George’s for four groovy nights of production numbers, skits, game shows, surprises, and more – all set to the beat of the 70’s.

Our inspiration for this show comes from our namesake, George’s Disco, which was known throughout the 70’s as “The Showplace of the South.”

Directed by Savannah Bearden
Written and Produced by Friends of George’s with Savannah Bearden

Evergreen Theatre
Cocktails 7:00
Curtain:   8:00

Allysun Wunderland
Camille Collins
Goldie Dee
Bianca Bruchette
Cocoa Collins
Gina Lola Jupiter
Sandy Kozik
Will Ryder
Cristofer Coxxx
Macc Onner
Fantasia Bourdeaux
Gregory Hollis
Caleb Blackwell
Johnathan Underwood

hope house

Proceeds from “The Dragnificent 70’s” will benefit Hope House.

Support FOG!


88 available
78 available
SATURDAY-APRIL 6$25.00Saturday, April 6
86 available
FRIDAY-APRIL 12$25.00Friday, April 12
72 available
SATURDAY-APRIL 13$25.00Saturday, April 13
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