The Drag Boat
The Drag Boat

The Drag Boat

Having won a competition at the local Piggly Wiggly, Maybelline and the George’s Truck Stop crew are off on an adventure on the high seas in Friends of George’s “The Drag Boat.”

However, once they arrive they discover that their prize is actually a senior citizen cruise.  In addition to dealing with troublemakers from back home, they must navigate their way around a frisky captain, a sultry lounge singer, the handsome ship’s doctor, and a cranky bartender. Join us for scandal, sequins and song onboard “The Drag Boat!”

Proceeds from “The Drag Boat” will benefit The Tennessee Equality Project.



Gina Lola Jupiter
Allysun Wunderland
Bella DuBalle
Cocoa Collins
Iris LeFleur
Hugh Busby
Monica Sanchez
Terri Weaver
Jessica Weaver
Dutch Warren
Akasha Cassadine
Christofer Coxx
Will Ryder
Roman Kyle
Bruce Bui
Mario Hoyle


Directed By
Meredith Melville

Musical Director
Iris LeFleur

Written By
Friends of George’s

Production Dates

July 29,30
August 5,6

Evergreen Theatre
Cocktails at 7pm, Curtain at 8pm