Dragnificent 2016
Dragnificent 2016

Dragnificent 2016

Friends of George’s is back with four “DragNificent” evenings of outrageous fun, sketch comedy, talk shows, parody news, divorce court, a presidential hopeful, musical productions, and campy performances by some of your favorite characters and comedic personalities. Get ready for a great ride with Dragnificent 2016!

Once again, Cazateatro Bilingual Theater Group and Inner City South, will be contributing to the delinquency of our all-star cast of characters, including Trixie Thunderpussy, Bella Duballe, Allysun Wunderland, Gina Lola Jupiter, Bianca Bruchette, Gregory Hollis, Courvoisier Cocoa Collins, Diane Thornton, Imagene Azengraber, Monica Soraya Sanchez, Dorimar Ferrer, Christofer Cox, CourtLand Le’Neill, and more!

Directed by Inner City South/Friends of George’s
Choreography by Phillis Lewis
Written & Produced by Friends of George’s

MARCH 11, 12, 18, & 19
Cocktails at 7pm
Curtain at 8pm