Death Drop at Hotel Le’George

Prepare to be fabulously floored by Death Drop at Hotel Le’George—a side-splitting whodunit set in a crumbling seaside resort. Winston, the frazzled property manager, faces the monumental task of restoring the hotel’s former glory while navigating the chaos brought by a motley crew of eccentric guests and staff. From Oomah, the mysterious Scandinavian maid, to Dr. Tuckitt, the bumbling plastic surgeon, and a colorful cast including glamorous entertainer Delta Fawcett, the dramatic diner proprietor Mary Kay, and the conservative Senator Butch McConnell with his aide Chip Twinkerton, each character arrives with their own flair and drama.  When the famous mystery writer Dragatha Christie checks in, the plot thickens with comedic twists and ghostly intrigue, especially after an unexpected death rocks the hotel.

Packed with zany antics, hilarious misunderstandings, and a whirlwind investigation, Death Drop at Hotel Le’George promises a theatrical experience bursting with heart, humor, and more plot twists than a drag queen’s wig collection. As Winston struggles to save the hotel and unlikely detectives race to solve the murder, the audience is in for a dazzling, delightful escape into a world where the only thing more outrageous than the characters is the case they’re trying to solve. Get ready to laugh, gasp, and cheer—this is one show you won’t want to miss!