Drag Me Under The Mistletoe

Drag Me Under The Mistletoe

After spending years toiling in the background, Maybelline finally has a chance to direct the annual Krisko County Holiday Musical. We join her and Mary Kay as they hold auditions at the Elk’s Lodge Fellowship Hall.

Featuring: Miss Mod Memphis | Allysun Wunderland | Gina Lola Jupiter | Courvoisier Cocoa Collins | Bianca Bruchette | Iris Lefleur | Akasha Cassidine | Will Ryder | JR Stone | Imagene Azengraber

Proceeds will benefit Memphis Area Gay Youth – MAGY https://goo.gl/Lm64Nq

November 18-19 Evergreen Theatre
Memphis, TN


Drag me under the mistletoe any time u like! It was so fun and fabulous!!!! We will b coming to every show! SAV my seat, missy! Beth Jasper


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